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What we do

Our philosophy is simple: excellent leaders in an organisation deliver excellent performance by an organisation.

At CoachFirst, we use a programme of individual coaching to help each key leader achieve that individual excellence. We help them identify significant issues, explore all the options and select the actions which will fulfil their personal objectives and take the business forward.

It brings the individual a sense of professional fulfilment – and brings the organisation massive and measurable business benefits. What would you say was a good Return on Investment in these difficult times? Five percent? Ten per cent? Fifty per cent?

A Manchester Review study of 100 US executives who had received coaching found that they estimated their RoI at 545%, or $5.45 for every dollar spent. [McGovern, Lindeman, Vergara, Murphy, Baker and Warrenfeltz (2001)]

Research shows that by using a coaching intervention, individuals are much more likely to commit to action than if they were simply given advice. So we use our coaching skills to give each leader the freedom to create his or her way forward, based on an appropriate level of questioning, challenge and future focus.

The strategy is theirs, the commitment is theirs – and the organisation gets the benefits.

How we do it

CoachFirst tailors each coaching intervention to suit individuals and teams to enable them to be the best they can be. Starting with an initial meeting, we discuss appropriate options to decide what works in their specific case.

For example, a very senior manager may want an Executive level coaching programme to provide a high level of challenge over a longer term. A junior leader may benefit from a shorter, sharper coaching intervention to enable them to gain a greater sense of self-awareness and confidence as they take on more responsibility.

A particularly powerful coaching intervention is the "first ninety days" coaching, in which individuals who are new to an organisation, or who have been promoted to lead a team they were previously part of, are coached to allow them the impact they need to succeed. Research is clear that this period is a critical one for long term success.

Whatever the particular demands of the leaders we meet, CoachFirst can work with them to achieve excellence that will spread through their team, through their department, and through the organisation.

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