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Striking the balance between doing, managing and leading is a daily challenge for owners or managers of small and medium sized businesses.

Unlike large corporations with ready access to a range of skills, advice and other resources, you may have problems finding the right people with the range of skills you need.

That’s where we come in. Whatever your business, whether it’s a motor dealership or a manufacturing unit; a drama school or a doctor’s surgery, the experienced members of CoachFirst can help.

Through powerful conversations we can help you to come up with the best solutions for your business. Because we work by coaching you rather than giving you advice, you will be more committed to taking the next steps.

If your solution requires further skilled support such as staff training, marketing, communications, HR advice, website development, contract management or other services, CoachFirst can provide this too or at least guide you in the right direction.

The members of CoachFirst understand the concerns of small and medium sized businesses and we believe our intervention will help you be the very best that you can be.

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Charities Charities

It's never been tougher to keep charities afloat, and yet never has the need for well-organised volunteers in the third sector been greater.

Led by passionate, committed people, charities represent all that’s best about our human character, what we stand for, what we value, our belief in helping those least able to help themselves.

Today though, like commercial businesses and public sector organisations, they need to do more with less. Great service provision demands sound business practices.

Hard-working business managers have to find ways in which the vision of their passion and commitment can find expression in efficiency, in business growth, and in the identification of new opportunities.

We can help. We’ve been inside charities large and small, and worked with managers to sharpen their focus on their business priorities, to develop their ideas, and to help them rethink their vision.

We could do the same for you. We share your values: let us share our skills.

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Public Sector piggy bank

The language of the public sector is increasingly the language of cuts and efficiencies – and yet citizens want more effective services, delivered in the way they want them and at the time they want them. It’s no surprise that public service managers often find themselves squeezed in the middle, between increased demands and shrinking resources. Political uncertainties and shifting government priorities take their toll as well, and the managers may not have had either the training or the experience to cope with an increasingly commercial ethos.

That’s where we come in. Between us we have many decades of experience as senior managers in the BBC and understand the political and social dimensions of public sector organisations.

We can provide one-to-one support for chief executives and their direct reports, coach top teams to improve collaboration, facilitate change processes and offer hands-on consultancy support across a range of legal, operational, organization development, communications and strategy issues.

We can help you bring your ideas to fruition. Let’s talk about it.

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Corporate notepad

Whether you call it sustainability, cutting the carbon footprint, or just good governance, environmental responsibility is at the centre of many companies’ planning for the future. With energy prices rising, it makes sense in terms of your business’s reputation, its compliance with regulatory requirements, and its profitability as well.

In 2010, McKinsey focused on areas where they said companies might find the richest opportunities for change and innovation. These included emerging markets, accelerating productivity, the global grid, and the collision shaping up between increasing demand for resources, constrained suppliers and growing concerns about environmental protection.

The UN Global Compact-Accenture CEO study 2010, meanwhile, focused on what they called a New Era of Sustainability. Based on 100 one-to-one interviews, it reported that 96% of CEOs believe that sustainability will be critical to the future success of their business, and should be fully integrated into the strategy and operations of a company.

CoachFirst offers many years’ experience of building leadership, strengthening governance, safeguarding reputations, and leading sustainability. We understand about delivering quality to customers and creating outsource partnerships to bring capability and savings.

We want to work with companies to accelerate their journey to sustainability. We can provide a place to think, and we can help you construct a framework for action.

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Inernational Coaching International Coaching

You don’t have to live in the UK to benefit from the experience of CoachFirst. Wherever you are in the world we can come to you or we can coach you by phone, through Skype or Facetime.

Because our Coaching relies on finding solutions and ideas that use your own knowledge and expertise, your actions and outcomes will perfectly fit the culture and market in your territory.

We're coaches who understand and embrace cultural differences: we've worked with, and coached, colleagues and clients of many nationalities in many different countries from Africa to the Middle East; Eastern to Western Europe; The United States to South America; South Asia to East Asia.

We coach first, but with decades of practical leadership experience at senior level in the BBC, we can offer wide-ranging further support if needed. And if CoachFirst doesn’t have the specific management expertise within the team, we know where to find it…fast.

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